Online Therapy

Flexible Online Therapy

Online therapy with unlimited chat messages and emails gives you the opportunity to receive a professional help even if you do not have a private space use at the moment. No appointments, no separate space needed. Everything is tailored to your current needs. Share your fears and find new ways to cope better with problems

The New Reality

COVID-19 changed our daily life for better or for worse, it affected the business and economy worldwide (Gautam and Sharma, 2020). 

The pandemia has a serious negative impact on the mental health and resilience (Brooks, et al., 2020). The current situation, although holding hope for the future because of the vaccines, is still very much uncertain and activates our future anxiety and coping resources. It is critical to learn what we can do to limit the negative consequences for each one like depression, anxiety, burnout. Stress management is a key element in the equation for enhancing mental stability and regaining our sense of control.